Hello everyone. After fifteen years to the day that I first opened the Blue Shinra Project (renamed the Blue Shinra Archive on 02/02/2012), I've decided to shut the whole thing down. My involvement in various FFVII fan circles has greatly diminished over the years, as has my interest in creating fanworks. Even though I had a lengthy fic prequel fully drafted out since my last update here, not to mention plenty of unfinished works, I have had no inclination to complete and post them, instead moving on to other things. That, plus my general disinterest in the current state of the FFVII franchise (that it is a franchise would've been unthinkable to me when I first started this site) have led me to this decision. In short, it was a good time for me to close shop.

Thanks to all those who helped with various parts of the site over the years, be it through beta reading or other contributions, such as fanfics (during that brief period when I hosted others' works), updates to the Shopping Guide, and other odds and ends. Extra special thanks to the handful of people who wrote in with some appreciative words for the site and/or the works it contained; those emails, when they arrived, tended to make my day.

If you want to keep up with my current doings, head on over to Brainscraps.net, a blog mostly about video games, and also the home of my humble and rather silly hobbydev efforts.

February 2, 2017